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Dental FAQ for Kids

Little boy learning to brush teethQ: When is the appropriate age to take my child for a check-up?
A: For maximum protection from germs and major dental problems, you should bring your child to visit us at Oahu Pediatric Dentistry as soon as you see the first tooth. It's not advisable to wait longer than a year.

Q: What are the best materials for milk teeth cleaning?
A: Any materials used on a baby's teeth should be soft and gentle. Some toothbrushes are specifically designed for children. Also, there are kinds of toothpaste that can be used along with these brushes. The brushes will get rid of plaque deposits while the paste will protect the teeth from germs and keep them strong.

Q: Is thumb sucking good for a baby's teeth?
A: Thumb sucking is normal for children. The only issue is when it becomes difficult for the child to stop it on his/her own. You can contact us to provide the right solution if you can't get your child to stop this habit.

Q: What are the tips for preventing nursing decay?
A: Do not allow your child to go to bed with sugary foods and drinks. Brush your child's teeth regularly and properly. Also, visit us constantly for your child's dental check-up.

Q: Should I bring my child for check-up regularly?
A: You should visit us at least every six months. This helps to prevent any problem that may arise. Nevertheless, every child is different. We can recommend when you should make your next appointment with us.

Q: How do I prevent my baby's tooth from decaying?
A: You should bring your baby to us regularly for a check-up. Starting from the time the first tooth appears, we will examine the oral health of the child and recommend the right method of brushing and treatments appropriate for that particular child.

Q: How expensive is the orthodontic treatment?
A: Many factors contribute to the cost of treatment, and it varies among individuals. If the correction to be made is complex, it will be more expensive. The duration of the treatment also contributes to the cost of treatment. Contact us to discuss your treatment and your budget.

Q: Can I undergo orthodontic with my insurance?
A: If your insurance covers Orthodontic treatments, then yes. There are situations where the insurance only covers half of the cost or a certain percentage. You should contact the insurance company to be sure before you jump into conclusion.

Q: Can I pay for orthodontic myself or must I use insurance?
A: It isn't a must for you to pay with insurance. If you can afford the treatment, then you should pay for it yourself.

Q: Is age a factor for orthodontic treatment?
A: There's no age limit or requirement for orthodontic treatment. No matter how old or young a person is, he/she can undergo this dental treatment with no problem.

Q: What is the average lifetime of orthodontic treatment?
A: According to the American Association of Orthodontists, the treatment can last as long as twenty-two months. That is almost two years.

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