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Baby Teeth Matter

Smiling girl with baby teethAt Oahu Pediatric Dentistry, we take baby's teeth seriously. A baby's teeth are a matter that requires attention. The primary teeth, or milk teeth as they are sometimes called, are the first set of teeth that every child has for a few years. The teeth are twenty in number. The teeth start appearing as soon as four to five months until the child is three years old. These teeth are temporary and will eventually give way for permanent teeth which show up when a child is around six years of age.

Some parents do not give enough attention to primary teeth. They consider them to be temporary and therefore not particularly important. However, you should take care of your child's milk teeth just as much as you will take care of the permanent ones. Doing this will enable your child to have good oral and dental health. We recommended bringing your baby in for a check-up so that we can give them a thorough oral examination.

Why Baby Teeth are Important

Baby teeth are very important in the baby's development. These teeth help to teach a child how to eat and chew on food the right way. The teeth also play an important role in the speaking ability of a child. Primary teeth also hold places for permanent teeth. The permanent teeth erupt through the path of the primary teeth, making baby teeth important for the shape of the jaw and dental structure well into adulthood.

Effective caring for primary teeth is essential to the child's future oral health. If a child experiences tooth decay that causes the loss of a tooth, it might be difficult for the child to speak or chew properly. This type of issue may continue to exist for a long time if care is not taken. Also, missing milk teeth can cause the permanent teeth to align wrongly when they begin to erupt. This situation will need to be corrected with Orthodontic Treatment.

This is why you should bring your child to visit us as soon as he/she starts developing milk teeth. Doing so can help prevent potentially serious problems occurring when your child gets older. Poor dental hygiene and misaligned teeth can also be very uncomfortable for your baby.

Caring for Baby Teeth

A baby's teeth should be cleaned every day just as adults should. They will need special brushes and toothpaste, however, to make sure that their delicate mouths and gums are not harmed. If you are unsure of what equipment you need and how you should clean a baby's teeth, we are happy to advise you.

Bringing your child to visit us for an early check-up is a great way to improve the dental health of your child. Several examinations would be made to determine any defects that might be present in the mouth. Other procedures include flossing, cleaning and teaching oral hygiene to your child.

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Baby teeth are very important in the baby's development. These teeth help to teach a child how to eat and chew on food the right way. Call us today (808) 201-9956.
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